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Woodwind quintet

Maartje Valk: flute
Helmke Jansen: oboe
Anne Overpelt: clarinet
Joeri Deckers: bassoon
Marije Korenromp: french horn
(Anouk de Jong: piano)

(photography: Emile Willems)

Anne Overpelt, Helmke Jansen, Joeri Deckers, Marije Korenromp and Maartje form a young, enthusiastic and inspiring woodwind quintet. They are students from the conservatories of Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. Maartje and Marije played togeter in the youth orchestra of Twente, Marije met Joeri in the Dutch Summer Wind Orchestra and Helmke and Anne study in The Hague like Joeri. Eventually the love for chamber music has put these youngsters together.